Drinks Express


Delivering Retail Excellence


In today’s current climate it is more important than ever to upgrade your store and give your customers what they want.

We have the solution to secure the future of your business

In today’s competitive marketplace, what does it take to be a successful convenience retailer?

  • Discipline
  • High Standards
  • The right attitude
  • Advice from the right people

Average +29% increase in sales per store

You will get advice and support on the:

  • Right range
  • Right Services
  • Right Display
  • Right Promotions
  • Right Equipment
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Merchandising



The Process

1.In-store visit from Lifestyle Express Team, 2.Sign up to Lifestyle Express, 3.Proposal of store redevelopments is created, 4.	Agreement is reached on development, 5.	Conversion/Merchandising is carried out, 6.	On-going support from your local Landmark Wholesaler, 7.	Maintenance of standards, ranging and promotions required from retailer

First Steps

You will receive an in-store visit from your local Retail Development Manager to gain a firsthand insight into your business. In particular they will look to:

  • Understand your store and your customer
  • What you are doing right and what you could do better
  • What services are available, e.g. ATM, Credit/Debit and Utilities
  • Discuss your aims and initial thoughts
  • Any new equipment that might be needed
  • Survey the surrounding areas to identify any opportunities and what competition there is
  • Take measurements for any refit or relay, if applicable
  • Make it reality

All the benefits of a symbol group without the costs